Tuition & Aid

Affordable Education For All

St. James the Elder University (SJTEU) believes that a quality, Christ-centered education should be accessible to all. For this reason we strive to keep our tuition rates affordable and we offer flexible payment plans. At this time, SJTEU does not offer scholarships, but we help our students access external scholarships and grants. So, if you have any questions about tuition or Aid please reach out to one of our financial aid staff.

Program Cost
We’re Here To Help. Please feel free to call us at (321) 307-9793 or request information.


Certificate Fees:

$300 per class

Bachelors Tuition Fees:

$50 per credit hour 

Masters Tuition Fees:

$60 per credit hour 

Doctorate Tuition Fees:

$70 per credit hour 


Audit Fees:

Students may choose to audit a class for personal enrichment.


Financial Aid Options

Interest-free Monthly Payment Plans
External Grants and Scholarships


The tuition does not include the cost of textbooks or other course materials. Additional book fees will be charged upon registration, based on the particular course criteria.