About US

About St. James the Elder University

St. James the Elder University (SJTEU) is a major ecumenical outreach of the Holy Catholic Church International. SJTEU offers an opportunity for students to pursue professional training from a Christian world view. Our curriculum exceeds the standards of secular colleges and universities because we prioritize our students by providing more extensive content reinforced by ongoing guidance before and after graduation.

In addition to our high academic standards, we nurture the faith of our students. Our faculty serves as mentors to our students. Also, at SJTEU we cultivate a community of students, friends, and faculty that thrives from a foundation of christian values, mutual respect, and a love for Christ and each other.

In short, at SJTEU our faith is manifested in our teaching. We are one of very few institutions who hold to a Christian world view and where students’ faith grows.

Our Story
In 2009, The Most Rev. Dr. Heyward B. Ewart, the founder of SJTEU, became outraged when he learned that many people called to serve were left bankrupt after pursuing higher education, while some were unable to attend because they could not afford the exorbitant cost. After asking his fellow clergy, he found that this is a widespread problem.

So, to combat this problem, Dr. Ewart began seeking Christian world-class scholars who wanted to share their education and experience on a voluntary basis. He found that many scholars were willing to share their expertise, and thus St. James the Elder University was born. The founding members decided that a distance-learning format with ample interaction between student and mentor would be the best model for SJTEU, since most of the faculty were in different geographic locations.

A few months later from the conception of the idea, Dr. Ewart and his team launched SJTEU with a few students and continued to grow in diversity and academic opportunities year after year.  The vision of the late Most Rev. Dr. Heyward Ewart has been passed on to his successors which include the late Most Rev. Dr. William Malloy, SJTEU’s current chancellor (The Most Rev. Dr. Will Boyd), SJTEU’s vice-chancellor (The Most Rev. Dr. Titus McMillan) and all SJTEU administrators and faculty members around the world. 

Our Mission
The mission of St. James the Elder University is to harvest, educate, and heal souls through excellent academic programs and mentorship that will enable students to thrive in their profession and transform the world.

Our Vision
The vision of St. James the Elder University is to have a transformative impact on the world by Harvesting, Educating, and Healing Souls.